I am in need of a website. I have a domain and hosting already so that is out of the way. Basically I am an already established corporation in the NY metro area. I am looking to establish an online presence. The name of my company is Gold Supply Group Inc. and I have a basic 2-3 color logo that I would need a template designed after. I have thousands of products that i need to put online and I want customers to be able to purchase online. Basically I am looking for a website exactly like www.glitterdirect.com . The reason is because I have such a diverse range of products that I can't make a template specific site advertising one specimen of products. I want a homepage with a collage of different images of all the gorups of products I offer just like at www.glitterdirect.com. I also need a shopping cart. I guess oscommerce is fine since it is free. My budget is fairly low for the online presence project and I will most likely go with the most reasonable/lowest offer. I will also add in the products myself once it is done. Basically I am looking for a site exactly like www.glittterdirect.com . Please email me back with a ballpark figure. Also, if I can pay on a monthly/ or work done basis I would like to know that. I look forward to hearing from you.

I will only look at emails: goldsupplygroup at gmail.com

Alex Goldstein
Gold Supply Group Inc.