I've been with EuroVPS since the end of January so now have 10 months experience with them. I've chosen to write this review because of the way they have handled any queries/difficulties I've had.

When I moved, everything went fine and I had several months without any difficulties at all. However, from the end of September I started to experience high server loads which started to concern me. I was amazed to receive an email informing me of EuroVPS's concerns too. They did a full security evaluation of my server for me and whilst nothing was found at that time, I was assured that they were checking with me.

The server wasn't running as smoothly as I had been used to, and I decided to upgrade. EuroVPS were incredible. They moved my sites to a new server within 48 hours of my request and reminded me of a previous offer they had made, thus keeping my costs down. Since the move, everything has been excellent on my side ... I hope on theirs too!!

All my support tickets have been answered promptly and any problems resolved very quickly indeed. The friendliness and manner in which I've been addressed has been outstanding. I can't speak highly enough of this company.

Throughout the 10 months, and even when my server loads were increasing, I've had almost 100% uptime. The only time my sites have been down have generally been pre-planned - I think there has been one occasion when this wasn't the case. On that occasion, emails were sent out informing me of the problem and the progress being made.

I highly recommend EuroVPS to anyone looking for a VPS. I suspect that I'll be needing to upgrade to a larger server with them at some point again in the not so distant future - but what a good company to be with.

Thank you EuroVPS. Your service has been amazing!