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    Finding a cheap vps

    Im not quite sure what the best vps (if it that) for me is...

    I basically need the following things:

    A ssh host which I can forward my traffic from university through (~15 GB per month is probaility the max I can get away with)
    (For Warcarft3, RF Online etc... you get the idea...)
    I occasiantly use IRC which appears to be a big problem

    I'm also interested in starting a personal website with a domain. (servage appears good if not excessive but no ssh there)

    I'm looking for something <20$ a month total as I'm a student and have no income.

    Not sure if I should treat these as seperate things or how I should go about this...

    Another thing is that at the moment (at least for another 3 days) I have a layered tech deciated server which I ran a gaming server off and paid for using donations however the I've closed down the game server since I'm at well university now but to get to the point I don't really want a place where I could get charged the moon and the back (i don't want to check bandwidth graphs every week again ) if I was to get ddos or something similar (very unlikely).

    Thanks in advance

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    According to the TOS, IRC is not acceptable.
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    Yeah I use iFastHosting, really good service but yes you're right IRC isn't accepted, I have seen a few in the VPS Offers forum that accept IRC.
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    Avoid servage, they limit your hits to max 2000 a day. Dreamhost is OK, IMHO.

    For VPS there are plenty offers and reviews around here...

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