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    Need a reliable Email hosting reseller

    Looking for a reliable Reseller Hosting provider for email only.

    Need to host 200+ accounts with unlimited domains. POP, IMAP, Webmail, anti-spam. about 10GB of space should be sufficient.

    I realized I could just get a standard reseller hosting account and use it for email only, so if anyone is hosting alotta email at a reseller please let me know who it is and how reliable they are.

    Any reccomendations?

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    Seems like Downtown Host has many good reviews here, I might give them a spin.

    FYI....many of my clients are small businesses with around 20 users and they FREAK out when they can't get email.

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    if you need emails only, why dont you take a look at other like
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    before decide which host to go to ... i will recommend do a reseach on that host before signing up ...

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