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    Looking for new host


    Before this, I've been hosted with DH and got to moved out because of high server usage and bandwidth. Currently, I'm still hosting under my friend host which he offered me an unmetered-transfer and decent space for me but its only last long until 30/11/2006 because he wanted to close the host.

    BTW, I run several sites and 2-3 of 'em got about 1-3K hits perday. Other site got about 200-500 hits perday because the site still not finished and lack of server or in other words still offline.

    The most highest b/w site I got is in HTML type and I'm looking to switch to dynamic site because of the ease to update and many addons can add easily.

    Recently, my friends and I got an idea and will do it in sometime which the idea is to run an anime/games/blog type site. I dont expect that it will required too much bandwith since it will be still new in Internet.

    So, my question, is it all this sites is still can be put inside a shared host or need to moved to VPS, dedicated? If in shared host, what kind of share hosting do you guys recommend? Site5 or else? and if in VPS which one? and if in dedicated is it bestofdata is ok for me?

    For sure, I dont want 50+USD kind host permonth. I'm still new here and new you guys help.


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    I do think that you should look at at least a VPS or best is dedicated. Going to host like Site5 will not be a good idea as they might close your account due to high usage of the server resources. So think about at least a VPS but you might be looking at more than $5-7 a month.

    Good luck in your search.

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    VPS would be your best option... Take a look at the VPS forums on WHT and find a nice provider. They will be around $15-$50 a month depending on your space/bandwidth requirements as well as control panel requirements.

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    thanks rois, but still I have tight budget. BTW, can anyone clarify what is mean by 100Mbs line with bestofdata dedibox?

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    thanks fr-alex, the things I most concern now is data transfer, coz I've eat like 2TB DH less than a month. Yes, one of my site do streaming

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    If you need more than 2tb bandwidth per month, I recommend going for a dedicated server. I do not think that many VPS providers will offer that much bandwidth.

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