Feed Mailer - We are offering ad space to any buyer, they can show their banner to over 12,000 people per month. We charge a low price for the advertising we offer as well as good flexible rates for your budget.

Buy banner advertising on a server that sends Thousands of e-mails per day and Hundreds of Thousands per month with his amount growing.

I'm offering a limited chance for some advertisers to buy ad space for 3 months at a time on a new, but big, service called Feed Mailer.

The service sends out e-mail updates of RSS to the subscribers. The service has reached a great deal of people and we are getting a great amount of activity everyday.

I will stop trying to tell it on opinions alone now an let the facts talk for the site.

3425 E-mails per day
102750 E-mails per month

These totals are still growing, we do not spam and we offer an opt in and opt out service for the advertisements but by default the user will be opted in.

We are offering an advertisement banner at the bottom of every e-mail sent, which will be on a rotor, the rotor will contain other advertisement banners and will be show one after another until the end is reached and the rotor will start again.

You will be directly aiming your ads at people in the e-mails because they read the e-mails for the updates.

Its a great offer for anyone who wants to launch a new service or old website.

Our number of members are growing on a daily basis and the number of e-mails sent per day grows with this.

All advertisers will pay for a 3 month period of adds. This means that if our stats stayed the same, which they will not, you will get your adds viewed by an estimated 308250 times.

The banner place you will be offered is 468x60

The banner will be placed at the bottom of the updates, but people DO read to the bottom.

Please e-mail, pm or call if you are interested.

E-mail: [email protected]
MSN: [email protected]


Currently we charge at the following rates:
1 Month / 50 = 12,000+ Views
2 Months / 80 = 24,000+ Views
3 Months / 100 = 38,000+ Views

We also offer flexible charges for people with lower needs and lower budgets.