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    US$200 Singapore Dual Core Dedicated Hosting with Free Directadmin or W2k3 & SQL 2000

    8 to Infinity is a 10 year old Singapore Web Hosting company managing 15 racks in 3 datacentres in Singapore. . 8 to Infinity just celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2 Nov 2006.

    Currently 2 datacentres are full, new servers will be setup at Pacific Internet Datacentre at Science Park 1 Singapore.

    Pentium IV Dual Core Servers
    Pentium 4-HT 3.0GHz
    320 GB x 2 Raid 1 Mirror SATA II
    2048Mb Ram
    2 IP addresses
    200 GB/mth transfer
    Fedora 5, Centos 4 , Debian, Mandrake, Gentoo,Ubuntu or Windows 2003 Standard Server Edition

    Setup fees Waived, US$200 / mth quarterly payment

    FREE Microsoft SQL 2000/SQL 2005 Standard SAL
    (We are Microsoft SPLA Provider)
    FREE Directadmin license for Linux servers

    * Note : No IRC , Warez or Gaming servers

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    Adult Allow?
    Pricing with 3000GB/month?

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    No Adult Sorry, 3000GB/mth is not possible with shared bandwidth in Singapore unless gross overselling is done.

    BTW just for your information bandwidth in Singapore for each mbps is in the range of US$150 - US$250 so you can imagine the amount of overselling should I sell at such price with such bandwidth.
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