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    Thumbs up Hosting in my own computer Question

    Hello there I have a simple question.
    I want to host some sites in my own computer I mean some domains that will automatic go to directory that I will give them.
    For Examples : -> c:\sites\x1\ -> c:\sites\m1\

    I know that I have a option to make a web redirect but I dont mean to this I want that in the address bar I will see the address and not my ip I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

    I know that any softwares can do this but I dont know where to download and the names.
    I'm Using Windows(Xp).

    Thanks alot, and have a great day.

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    Well you can either run DNS on your PC as well and set the records at your registrar to point to that, or use one of the free DNS servers such as zonedit.

    If your running on a home dynamic IP, you will have to either update the records everytime your IP changes or use a tool that will do this for you. I certainly wouldn't reccomend running sites for commercial purposes (or to be really honest any at all) particually on XP as IIS in xp has a number of limits on it.

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    You'll need to learn about VirtualHosts to do what you you want there. Apache would work and isn't *that* difficult to set up. :-)

    Good luck!

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    You could always use NetServer.

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    Also just a heads up many ISPs (at least in the USA - not sure where you are located) prohibit hosting sites on home networks. If you have it setup through them, then you would be fine, but some of them will suspend permanently if you break the TOS in this way. Just a heads up

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    AND you may not be able to anyway. Many DSL and cable networks have port 80 blocked for outbound traffic. I know because we are a DSL provider as well.

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    This isn't that hard. I helped a friend do this very thing.
    Make sure your broadband provider has an open port policy(port 80 out)
    Check into a static IP, they're not very expensive. I pay $15/mo, and I think that's higher than most. If you can't/don/t get a static ip there are many free DNS servers that will update when your ip changes and direct you domain(
    I set up xampp for my friend, which includes many tools including Apache, you can get it for free here:

    My friend is running all of this on Windows XP Home, not my prefrence, but it works well for him. I hope that helps.

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