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    Plesk vs ModernBill


    I was under the impression I would need both software apps to run a server, I have had mixed answers some people say I'd omly need the billing software, others say I'd need billing for customers and also server management software for the customers. If a customer needed to add an email address to there account they couldn't do this through ModernBill could they?

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    ModernBill is a billing software which takes care of the client invoicing, payment processing etc tasks. It just take care of the accounting tasks.

    On te other hand Pleask is a server management software which helps you running your server. It also gives your clients to manage their sites (emails, file manager, subdomain, database management etc.)

    To clearify more... with Pleask your client manages their web sates, emails. And with ModernBill they keep track of their orders, invoices.

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    Thnaks makes alot of sense, see in this post they said that I didin't need both
    No, ModernBill has a management panel for the clients domains. No additional software required.
    So just got me really confused, are they correct in what they're saying?

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    As dotcomUNDERGROUND mentioned, you need a control panel (DirectAdmin, cPanel, Plesk, Ensim etc.) for your clients to manage their sites (emails, file manager, subdomain, database management etc.).
    Modernbill is just a billing software which does not provide these features.
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