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    Complete newbie questions

    I'm finally starting to do more and more websites for people and I want to start hosting them through a reseller account. I've got a couple questions though.

    1. Are there any hosts who will do the billing for you? Is it possible to find a host where I can create new accounts within my reseller account and the web host will automatically charge my client's credit card a monthly fee? If not then reselling may not be for me.

    2. How is Voxtreme if I choose to go with a reseller package? Does anyone ever have any problems with them?


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    If you are wanting the host to do the billing for you you may be better using a referall program. You can do a searh on voxtreme and get plenty of info.

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    Just sign up for a merchant account and put your clients on recurring billing. It automatically charges your clients card monthly.

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    I think you're looking for an affiliate program. If not, just get a merchant account from or something and charge your customers recurring fees.

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    What are some good quality hosts that have affiliate programs? I need a host that can provide my clients with:

    very very very minimal downtime
    great tech support
    unix server
    php 4
    mysql database
    at least 100 mb space
    at least 5 gb transfer
    multiple domain hosting(would be very nice but not necessarily required)

    Also, do most of these hosts give me a commission once when I get a client to signup, or give me a commission every month that the client is with the host, or both?


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    is the only one I know of that matches your description...

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    Actually you don't even need a merchant account. I let PayPal Subscriptions handle the money and they hold it untill I transfer it to my bank. They'll do monthly or yearly billing (or any cycle you want) and the customer can review their account history or unsubscribe through PayPal. It's simple but it works.

    An affiliate program is even easier and takes no hands-on from you. Many (maybe most) good hosts offer affiliate programs. What about the host you're with now?
    ~John Sinclair

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    voxtreme is great, but i think they wont do billing for you... you can use revecom, 2checkout, paypal.. for your billings

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