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    Selling dedicated

    I've been thinking lately of selling dedicated servers through my own hardware from pentium 4 to dual xeon. I'm wondering like general web hosting, etc is this something extremely hard to compete in?

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    From a customers point of view, i'd say that if you can have somewhat low prices, and you're dedicated enough to provide people with support whenever it's needed, AND you have the knowlegde to actually make the network solid and have a good up time and speed throughout it, then you could start a company... However, it might be wise to spend 2-5 years at a company which does what you wish to do, just to get the basics settled and get some experience... But you could always try, no doubt

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    You might consider working as a reseller, being a one-man-show is had to do.

    Yes......... this business is extremely hard to compete in.

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    Well it is hard to compete in unless you find a niche and can specifically target an audience.

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