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    Please recommend a reliable and fast host.

    I am looking for a reliable and fast host in budget $6 per month. I need at least 1TB bandwidth and 20GB+ space. Bluehost and hostmonster is not good enough ,because the uploading speed is too low.

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    Your budget is too low for your requirements. Take a look at

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    I agree with u, $6 is an ideal budget. My budget is no more than $10. Is there any possibility to find a good host under $10?

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    ****** offers some high datatranfer in budget hosting. But again i would be more interetested to know what kind of stuff would you host that will require a terabyte of data transfer.

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    I am hosting a bbs. There are concurrent 1000-1500 visitors at my bbs. Reliable and speed are my most concern.

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    you should try searching in WHT for threads that have the words... cheap & reliable host. And chances are, you will find a lot but mainly negative post or at least advices for you to stay away.

    But its not impossible to find a host for around $6 a month. Two host that comes to mind is dreamhost (which has been mentioned above) and

    Good luck in your search and do come back and let us know who you decided to go with

    P.S I do know that even for a cheap dedicated server that comes with 1TB of bandwidth will cost more than $6 a month, thus if you do have a host that can give you 1TB, they will be doing a lot of overselling in order to cover the cost and overselling would equal cramming lots and lots of accounts in one server. And that may lead to slow down of server etc.
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    Try a good ol' eBay unlimited

    seriously even some dedicated servers don't come with 1TB b/w. You'd have to look for a big reseller like Dreamhost.

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    how about vps? knownhost offer pretty cheap one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corallinkz
    how about vps? knownhost offer pretty cheap one.
    The cheapest vps from knownhost that will suit his requirements is $40/mth thats almost 7 times his budget

    I think or is the way out.

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    Are you looking for reseller or shared hosting? And dont you have any email addresses that people can contact ?


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    209 ?

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    For those requeriments and that budget, you're looking for troubles.
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    any overselling hosts like dreamhost, servage... are good for small sites. if you have 1000 visitors to your site, I am sure your site will be suspended soon, as it's using more than their limitation on cpu and memory

    1TB bandwidth? the only way is dedicated server!
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    Up your budget if you honestly need those requirements, because you will not find a host that offers 20GB of space with 1TB of bandwidth and let you actually utilize those specs.
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