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    I need advertising on high traffic sites

    I need ad space link space banner space on high traffic sites

    300-1000 visitors per day

    Post your site and price here for:

    1 link / price permonth
    1 image : 300x300 / price per month
    1 vertical banner :150x600 / price per month

    Sites i want to advertise on:

    Forum sites
    News sites
    Gaming news
    Sports sites
    tech sites
    Science sites

    Contact me via aim if needed: neversayaim < that really is my aim


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    Okay we offer e-mail advertising to over 12,000 people per month. We offer this for &#163;50 per month for a 468x60 banner.

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    Ill consider it but no thanks

    I need targetted advertising

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    A website about satellite With over 200K unique visitors per month.

    1 link / price permonth = 10$
    1 image : 468x60 / price per month = 35$
    DWS (Desktop Whois System), an easy to use desktop application to whois domains in many TLDs...

    IR5.Net Europe Shared Hosting, Reseller accounts and VPS Provider...

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    I own a very high traffic designing and forums site, however I can only offer text links and 468x68px banner spaces:

    1 link / $10 per month
    1 banner: 468x60 / $35 per month

    You can see the full info and stats here:

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    I run a wrestling (Sports and Entertainment) forum/ community with around 1900 members, 3100 threads and 44000 posts.

    The stats for the month of October was -
    Unique visitors - 21480
    Total visits - 31982
    Page Views - 308238

    If stats screenshot needed, I am ready to supply that!

    My prices for advertisement is -
    728x90 or lower banner on top fold - USD10/ month
    728x90 or lower banner on footer - USD6/ month

    Rates maybe negotiable for long term deals!

    Link is -

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    Ill be getting advertising for 4-8 people and an the 2nd of next one pay every one so keep on posting buddies!

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    sorry 40-60$ is too much for me

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    How about mine?? Just $10 a month! I can run your network's PPM/ CPM ads!

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    Read my first post, and post all the info required.

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    We will be able to fill your needs. you can find all the details for advertising on our site here .

    I can offer smaller or bigger plans if needed. I cant offer any vertical banner's. You are able to use any size banner for most of our ad locations with a few exceptions. But we prefer it if you use the standard 728 x 90 .

    Please pm if you need more information.

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    thanks for posting ill be finalising soon

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    You can also advertise on which gets thousands of visitors a day.

    IF you go to homepage you can advertise the exact same place where the current credit card offer is.

    For more info see:

    It's $10 per day
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