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    Looking for Web Developer for my Hosting Website. Offering Cash + Hosting Services

    Designer with php and MySQL knowledge will be required.

    Around 15 Pages of content Needed. Templates and Logos will be design by You.

    Basic Informations that include plan details,
    Domain Checker (with WHOIS capability),
    A Registeration/Ordering Form,
    A Comparison Chart, etc.

    Flash and sound integration will be preferred (of coz, i will pay more for that).

    I will be offering Cash + Hosting Services.

    PM me your offer. Thanks

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    I'm not a developer, but a graphics designer. Would that help?

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    I've been in the industry for a few years now. About 5 total, about 2 professionally. I'm a freelance designer looking for work.

    I can send a resume, and references upon request.

    I can do some basic Flash things but tend to stay away from it for many reasons. I can explain ind etail why tis still not good to use flash in the industry yet.

    I have a basic working knowledge of PHP and MySQL, and I'm constantly up for a challenge. I won't make this sound like a resume, so instead I'll let you contact me.

    Here's my radio station. My baby - if you will. I did everything ont he site you see, and work with. The other staff do content/backend stuff.

    Feedbacks very much appreciated.

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