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    localhost subdomains?

    Interesting thing my friend noticed this evening, that I don't have an answer for: many presences on the Internet have "localhost" as one of their subdomains, pointing to E.g.: -> -> -> -> ->

    What's the purpose of doing this?

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    I could not really give a definitive reason, but i believe it has to do with domain search suffixes.

    Many people set up their servers so if they try to resolve something that does not exist, such as asdfasdf, if it does not find a record it then tries asdfasdf.theirsuffix.

    If you set the suffix to your company's domain name, trying to connect to a host such as server17 might fail, but it will then try and find the correct server.

    The same logic i guess applies to localhost, although i agree it does not really seem necessary.

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