Wanted Dynamic, expressive Web designers looking to do three things:
1. Build cool Websites
2. Beef up a resume
3. Make some cash

WebsiteDirect is looking for exceptional Web designers, who will be hired as independent contractors on an as-needed basis.

Qualifications You must meet the following requirements:
1. Reside within the 50 United States
2. Five samples of previous work - quality to be judged by WebsiteDirect
3. Have past experience or familiarity with the SiteStudio Web design software (or the ability to learn it quickly)
4. Be available within 2 or 3 hours a majority of the time.*

*This is not necessarily required. However, we are looking to recruit many people to serve as independent Web designers for our company. Jobs will be broadcast to everyone at once, so the more often you are able to check your email and claim jobs, the more likely you will get more jobs in the first place.

Duties You will be responsible for doing the following things:
1. Upon accepting and receiving a job, you will have five business days to build a Website matching the design client's needs.
2. You must interface with the client in order to design a site that meets his or her needs.
3. Not required: Refer folks to WebsiteDirect for their Web design needs, which increases your chances of getting a job (as there are more jobs in the pot).

Pay The pay is as follows:
This is an independent contractor position. As such, you will not receive any sort of benefits or salary from WebsiteDirect. You will be payed on an as-needed basic. Pay is $30 per page you complete for a client's Website. For instance, if you build a 3-page Website, your pay will be $90.00. Websites do not exceed 25 pages. If the client chooses to have their Website managed and updated, as well as designed, your pay will be $30 per month. >>>>> There is also a bonus for referring Web hosting clients to WebsiteDirect of $30 per client: if you have your own Web design clients, or friends or relatives, refer them to our hosting services, and make a note of the username they choose when they signup. Once they signup and remain with us for at least 30 days, you will receive a referral fee of $30. This referral setup is only available to our designers.

Outstanding people only apply to [email protected].