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    * Hey Guys ! PLEASE Advise me

    Hey Guys

    I`m really proud to be a member of this wonderful forum

    I want an advise please I want to take a server from Layered Technologies Data Centre and I found that " Server 4 Sale " are resellers of LT and they can give me the server with a really good price but i want you to tell me about thier services , support ... etc

    and i also want o know Is there any place else that are resellers of LT and have more cheaper prices than S4S

    Waiting 4 Ur Reply


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    LT and S4S are great, for both good pricing and support.

    The only thing is they might not be able to setup the server within 3 days, due to big sales. Although,you will get your server within 3 days usually.

    There are many resellers of LT, but S4S has the best price so far as I seen.

    Go for S4S for the best value!


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