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    Delaware - Anyone?

    It's always been so surprising to me when I meet someone on WebHostingTalk that is from Delaware. I was just wondering if there is anyone on here that currently lives or has lived in Delaware before - I think I'll be surprised of how many people actually know Delaware even exists (I've had people ask "Delaware is a state?" before). I've also had a woman who didn't even know what Delaware was when she was IN Delaware (isin't that scary?).

    Anyways, if your from Delaware or used to live in Delaware, just drop-a-line. Just curious to find out how many there are here.

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    People actually don't know that Delaware is a state? Hopefully they live far, far away and have some sort of excuse...

    I live about 25 miles south of Delaware, Ohio and Delaware County, Ohio... Does that count?

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    Delaware, best state to incorporate because of taxes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hycloud
    Delaware, best state to incorporate because of taxes.
    Not really, but that is another thread.
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    Im about an hour to two hours from Delaware. Whats so special about DE? I know is picturesque but other than that, what great things does it offer? And no state tax so i can go shopping in DE and save money on big purchases. I guess thats a plus!

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