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    whm setting on first server :)

    Hi, we have a server

    we have more newbie question and any trouble:

    we must create a reseller plan where
    - reseller can use ONLY the plan assigned with bandwith, quote,.. and/or overselling.. we must use or not "owner" on create account ?? We need that reseller have a with all resource and can "use" for make a package.
    at this time:
    A- we have created package for reseller plan
    B- we create account 'reller' but 'not owner' and assign a reseller package
    C- we go on reseller center > Edit privileges / nameserver and setting "limit the amount of account ... " and "Limit account that can create by resource usage".. after under table on the right we setting max space and bandwith.. correct ??

    But where we can limit addon and parked domain for reseller ? or better for reseller plan ?

    we wan't use spam assasin user by user but central on the server, and not for 'block'.. we would like sent to customer "all" emails with all field received BUT only add on the title "SPAM MESSAGE" .. possible ?

    we have rvskin installed.. ho can we remove "customer support" and "Our services" from customer cpanel ?

    our reseller create a package with addon and domain = 0
    when he create a new account and assign a package (any) addon and cpanel are unlimited on user cpanel
    IF reseller try to modify for setting 0 in the field addon and parked nothing happen... the field continue to be 0

    5. can we personalized what icon to be displayed in the cpanel for "all" customer (hosting and reseller) ? How ? For example remove from cpanel record Mx...

    More question soon


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    uhmm.. I realize only now that this thread must better under "host panel software" ..can any mod move it ?

    thx & sorry

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