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    Concerns about data safety with offsite web hosting.

    I am planning to develop and release a web based tool. I am currently concerned about hosting my tool source code(perl) on an offsite web hosting services providers server.
    What checks and balances should I insist on to ensure that my data is not "sold" to my competiors by employees of the hosting service provider.

    The alternative i am thinking of is to host the tool frontend on the webserver and host the backend algorithms on a machine that I control and use batch processing of the input data.

    What do startup's building web based tools do? do they build their own infrastructure? or do the go for offsite hosting? If it is offsite what kind of plan do they go for?

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    I'd imagine startups use their own infrastructure. However, for your needs, I think the best trade off between security and convenience is to get a dedicated server and change the root password. The hosting company that rents you the server would not be able to get the data off the box (not without hacking it, which you'd notice, or booting off a rescue CD, which you'd probably notice).
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