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  1. #1 is cheap but not recommend - my experience! is cheap but not recommend - my experience!

    I have tried their server,
    XEON dual with 2gb
    the server is good, and it is SUSE with confixx,
    everything was fine at first two days,
    then the third day, i have no idea why my site is down, i did not do anything on it. i have received emails from my other members who told me the site is not readable. then i try to open my site -
    it shows me with "The page cannot be displayed"

    then i tried to use the ip, i received from
    it redirected into msn search.

    then i tried confixx control panel and hostname, it shows me nothing.
    the i start to ping it, it showed me the request time out.

    I sent the info to support. tell them that my server was down, they have not seen it at all, after another day, then i received their email that told me my server is online now. then i tried my site again, it showed me same thing as before "The page cannot be displayed". i tried to use confixx control panel, it is same - not working.

    thus, i sent them an email once again about my server ...

    after another day, i got email from, they told me that my server is online, their showed me the ping is working. i tried, yes the ping is working. but my site is still down. the confixx control panel is not able to be access, i even do not see the confixx main page.

    i send emails again, ... (1paket support is really sux! i even tried the telephone support, the phone charged me some money, but no one answers the phone.)
    and then they told me that my server is unmanaged, all configuration is manual. that is fine, but the problem is : i did not change anything, i did not make any changes, except create a user under confixx and two databases and then i restored my database from another server. then i started my site.

    now the problem is still ...
    they told me they will charge about 50euros for making my server properly.
    i have no idea, man!
    i do not expect they take care of my server, but i only want make my server working properly. as i know now, is running personally. the owner and worker is only one person. i emailed them so many times, and so many times get nothing. and each time, it takes about one day.

    I am here to tell everyone who plan to go with them, do not choose, otherwise you will be in the same situation as me now!
    I am planning to move again if they do not make confixx work properly.
    I will keep update with this thread later on.

    wish 1paket will see this thread and give some solutions to it.
    anyway, i am going to open dispute from due to the server fee after monday.

    IP Hostname 09/2006 10/2006 11/2006 0 GB 0 GB 0 GB parent: 0 GB 0 GB 0 GB parent: 0 GB 0 GB 0 GB parent: 0 GB 0 GB 0 GB parent: 0 GB 0 GB 0 GB

    waiting for to response it. and i want to make everyone knows every company i have experienced. thanx

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    This really is your issue.

    1Paket offers unmanaged dedicated servers. This means that either you should know how to manage a server, or you should pay somebody who does.

    They delivered the server working. So if it breaks: You probably did is not like they login to your server just to break things. If Confixx doesnt work anymore, and you don't know how to fix need to hire a sysadmin. That is your responsibility.

    So, instead of blaming 1Paket, maybe it would be a good idea to think about how you can manage that server. Because no Linux server will stay online long, without somebody who knows how to manage it properly.

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    I have to agree with Xandrios, if your server isn't working hire a sysadmin, any datacenter providing an unmanaged server is doing just that. The datacenter is not required to manage your system for you. A few just off the top of my head include, PSM (platinumservermanagement), and rack911, haven't used them but you may want to look around a bit and possibly contact them.
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    hi, dude!
    u guys understood wrongly!

    the problem is not my side, because i could say i did not do anything and the confixx is down.

    i have few other servers from other providers, they are fine!
    i think there must be some configuration errors from the installation.

    that should be the problem from the providers side, right?

    thanx, anyway i requested a fresh new installation from
    wish it will be stable and setup time will be short.

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    Thread moved to Dedicated Server Forum.

    thanx, anyway i requested a fresh new installation from
    wish it will be stable and setup time will be short.
    Best of luck!

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    because i could say i did not do anything
    That is the problem with webservers: Things can break without anybody touching them. That is why you need somebody to manage the server. An OS reload every time there is something wrong is...well, thats just stupid imho

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    SUSE is sux? or ...

    i have windows 2003 installed with most of my servers, nothing would change if no one made a change

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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcdc
    Thread moved to Dedicated Server Forum.

    Best of luck!
    thanx a lot

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    thank you very much to everyone who tried to help me,

    the server is reinstalled, and it is running perfect now!

    thanx to

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    confixx is crap

    i had a server with it installed, it annoyed me to hell so i took it off, works better without

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