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    VPS Reccomendation

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    Hi All,

    At work we've reached the point where one of our sites needs to be moved off of shared hosting. At this point I think it's overkill to move over the site to a dedicated server, so I am currently looking into VPS.

    Can people share with me some of their experiences with VPS companies?

    I've looked at a whole bunch of them, but I find that review information is lacking. This site is operational, and we do not want to deal with amateurs.

    Specifically I'm looking to hear about good, long term experiences with hosting companies, with relation to uptime, support, and general feeling of the company.

    I'm hearing good things about ProVPS, Zone, and a few others, and I'm welcome to hear about other companies from satisified customers.

    Much Thanks, and I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!


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    I'm with LiquidWeb (LW) hosting, and have been with them for approaching a year now.

    One of the reasons I chose LW is that the company has an excellent reputation for dedicated servers. I wanted a VPS account with a good dedicated host to ease the later (anticipated) transition to a dedicated account. Also, LW has "managed" accounts, so dummies like me can get by without breaking too many things. Trust me: the added cost is well worth it!

    There have been a few times I've needed help from Support. In general, LW response time has been good. I've had a few issues, but some of them are likely due to my site being a little odd in its needs.

    Also, there has been only once instance of "down time" since I've moved to LW, and that was due to a direct lightning strike on the building housing their servers. A circuit breaker tripped, protecting the servers, and apparently staffers were running over there, in the rain, to make sure everything was rebooting okay. Other than a resultant hiccup in my logfiles, my sites experienced no problems.

    For the general user, LiquidWeb's VPS seems to be a good deal, and is probably something you should consider.


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    I would recommend Solid VPS with great connections (speed) and you can read a review I have of them on this site.

    Just search or my username to view it.

    But I would highly recommend them as a VPS host.
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    There are plenty, just search for "review" in this forum's threads title.

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    Well I don't see any iFast Hosting reviews but I signed up last month and it's solid. Very fast connection and very I highly recommend iFast Hosting.

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    oziman, glad your hearing good things about us. Like others have said you can search the forums. You could also search google too!

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    I would recommend for VPS services. Great prices and fast support. Very happy with them.

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    I've been with GoDaddy VPS for several months now and the server hasn't been down once and their phone support is great at answering my questions. Lots of people seem to give GoDaddy a bad rep for some reason, but I went against it all and tried them out anyway and now I'm really happy that I did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrozenHost
    Well I don't see any iFast Hosting reviews but I signed up last month and it's solid. Very fast connection and very I highly recommend iFast Hosting.
    I also saw no reviews for it but went ahead and signed up the other day, I am still not done with transferring my accounts over but the server is very stable, and loving the fast connection. Look forward tot he months to come with iFastHosting
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