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    Interested in buying a Dedicated Server !


    I have recently bought a VPS over at and have been very happy with them, but I just want to move on to something bigger, a dedicated server, which I have full control over :].

    I'm thinking of spending around $80 on a monthly basis, Would be cool if any of you people that have some knowledge, could give me some professional advise.

    I do not know what specifications I can get for the $80 so therefore I will not put any "demands".

    I just want a fast server, with a fast download connection over most parts of the world (America, Europe, Don't really care about Oceania).

    I hope somebody could enlight me with some decent links ;].

    All The Best,

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    418 has a nice AMD Sempron at $99 (very much like that company, great support and knowlegdable staff, the founder of serverpowered is the same as linuxfreaks, apachefreaks, phpfreaks, webhostfreaks an so on, they know what they're doing) (part of The Planet/EV1) has a nice valuextreme series, which i've heard should be very nice as well, i think they're currently sold out though... But that's nice very good hardware to some very good prices, support isn't as good, but it's still there... i have never tried, but should be good as well, note that the prices are in british pounds, so dont go on and thier that they're usd

    If you want cPanel on the server you're better off getting a VPS though, i doubt that you can find a real dedicated server with cPanel for $80/m

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    Um ks jeppe, I don't need CPanel, I'm quite used to using Plesk now since I'm currently still on a VPS so Plesk is fine with me too, The dedicated server would only be for my 5 sites, nobody else, i ain't reselling anything.

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    If you do not require very much bandwidth and a lower end box is ok, you should have no problem finding something. Take a look at the offer section on WHT

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    So like where do you want your servers to be located?

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    I rather have it located in the America, Since my customers (I sell programs) are mostly from america.

    But I also want the speed to europe to be fast.

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    Hehe, ok, just checking cPanel can be really expensive sadly... Might be best to do what music said and look at the offer section, however, try to do a google/WHT search on the company first, just to get some feedback, there are scammers out there who just disappear after taking your money

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    $150 for the lowest dedicated server there is too over-budgetted, even with the discount...

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    I had a talk with them, And they said it is not possible for 80$.
    So scrap bodhost .

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    any chance at all that you could up your budget to $99/m? I know it's a bit more, but that would get you a good starter sempron from serverpowered (as well as at many other good hosts, the prices genereally start at $99 for a AMD Sempron or a P Celeron)... Or you can wait till the planet/ev1 gets xtreme value servers back in stock (note that atm they cant give me an ETA on that, i just spoke with ev1 live support)...

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    Talk to HostMaven. I contacted them a while ago about a dedicated server and they whipped up some quotes for me. If you are happy with them, ask them

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiracm
    Talk to HostMaven. I contacted them a while ago about a dedicated server and they whipped up some quotes for me. If you are happy with them, ask them
    Oh ok I'll ask them .

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