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    Refused Nameserver Problem


    Recently I have been migrating my clients to my new nameservers.

    They are registered via, and appear correctly at

    However one of my clients reports that his domain name registrar refused these nameservers with the error message:

    "Sorry, Nameserver 1 is not a registered nameserver

    Sorry, Nameserver 2 is not a registered nameserver"

    What would cause this? What can I do to fix it?

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    His register

    is most likely an OpenSRS reseller. Which means that he will have to contact them ask them to include the name servers in their data base. Each OpenSRS reseller is responsable for keeping and updating their own data base of nameservers, they should be able to do it for him a a couple of minutes and then he can point his domain to them.


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    Re: His register

    Originally posted by Monte
    Each OpenSRS reseller is responsable for keeping and updating their own data base of nameservers
    This is not correct.

    If your nameservers are in the CNO registry, they can be used by anyone with a COM, NET or ORG domain.

    If your customer is trying to use a .com, .net or .org nameserver with a different domain, then the nameserver entries need to exist at the Registry before they can be used.

    OpenSRS resellers have access to a tool which we can use to load foreign nameservers into the other registries.

    If you let me know the nameservers, I'll be happy to load them into the foreign registries for you.

    myOstrich Internet - OpenSRS Domain Names & Digital Certificates

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    Well, this is interesting... the user has his domain registered at the same registrar as where my nameservers are set up...

    I shall have to investigate further.

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