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    web hosting

    Hi ! I'm sorry if the topic is irrelevant to this section. Could anyone recommend me the cheap and best web hosting service provider and domain registration? Right now i'm using a free webhost, i want to move to the paid one which could give me good service. When i change the hosting service, say the domain name also all the generated links (previously) will i lose?
    Is there any solution/suggestion to prevent this.

    Please help me

    Thanx in advance.

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    You can forward your free domain to paid one. Also you can look advertisment section then search the company on the forum.

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    Thread moved to the Web Hosting Forum.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Asking for the best webhost is just not a realistic question as everyone has different experiences and different views. So, your best bet would be do some good research and check out the advertisement section for good deals. Be sure to contact the host and get a feel for their response time and also find reviews on that host.

    Good Luck!
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    what are your hosting needs?
    space/bandwidth/OS/Languages/Control Panel, etc
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    When i change the hosting service, say the domain name also all the generated links (previously) will i lose?
    Is there any solution/suggestion to prevent this.
    Try to do a 301 redirect, to preserve the hard gained link popularity.

    Then, one by one, try to have the websites modify their links to point to your new URL. The free host might not exist forever.

    I suggest you get the domain from a different company than you get hosting from. Namecheap worked fine for me so far. Good luck!

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    godady are not bad
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    It could be much easier for everyone to help you, if you can define three of the important things
    1). Your budged - monthly or yearly
    2). Diskspace requirements
    3). Bandwidth needed
    And ofcourse you can specify anything else you think it would be important for you and your website.
    Now, what exactly you mean with "already generated links", do you mean about links that are already indexed on Search Engine's or you are talking about the HTML pages you have already created in your website?
    If it is about the SE indexed pages, then ldcdc's post and link is the right solution for you, while, if you intend with "already generated links" as .html pages already created in your free hosting account then you can simply download those pages and upload them in your new host (yet, it would be smart, if your website on the freehost is indexed on SE's to use the redirection to your new paid webhosting/domain).


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    I can recommend for domain name registration.

    Take a look to for hosting. They also provide free domain name.
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    Lnks change with respect to domain? What kind of? Other websites having an external link to yours website?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedito
    what are your hosting needs?
    space/bandwidth/OS/Languages/Control Panel, etc
    I don't know why you're asking: In your 5,494 posts you haven't made a single host recommendation.

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