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    what Softlayer inherits from The Planet

    I have more than 20 servers with SL since they started business, I just want to know is that me only or not, but SL solve problems by suggest OS realod, everytime!!

    last time, we got server up using CD reboot and FSCK with no need of OS reload, but today, they still suggest OS reload ...

    I remember This is exactly what happend when I was with the Planet years ago, I left them because of OS reloads.

    I used many provider such voxrox, interserver, liquidweb and I do not remember any OS reload.

    I just wonder, if this a ThePlanet Culture or what?

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    funny thread

    i think its because a software reload is one of the easiest things these companies can do: click click.... done.

    diagnostics can be frustrating so its just an easy route out

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    I think it very much depends when you are asking them to do things and who answers your ticket.

    While I'm not with SL (did have a TP server before, but, never any real problems so didn't see the 'reload culture'), I have found elsewhere if you submit a ticket early in the morning local time for them, the techs are sometimes bored and more willing to try and find out what's wrong One thing that does matter with every DC I've dealt with is how much information you give them - "my server isn't working" vs "my server isn't working - this is what's happening, this is what has happened in the past, this is what I did before it broke", should be obvious which one is more likely to get your problem resolved

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    When they do not know what to answer or fix it, they will suggest that to you :-(

    Well, it depends on the problem. OS reload will always be the last option.

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    just update:

    server fixed WITHOUT OS reload, so it was NOT needed.

    If you asked me what the problem(s) with SL, I'd say, its only "OS reload" suggestions ..

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    Remember, SL is unmanaged... They normally do not provide support. As such, if they do decide to help, they will probably want to take the easiest way out.

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