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    The list of stuff we can host with extra dedicated IPs?

    Hey guys, was wondering apart from having own nameservers, what are other stuffs that we can do with extra IPs? I only know:

    * SSL Cert
    * IRC Bot?

    The reason I was wondering this is because of the fact that to all webhost, IP address seems to be quite a sensitive offer? I actually have to initiate a request ticket from my DC to have them pass me the IPs I've been offered as part of my plan and I have to state a reason for it.
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    Well, you can certainly run another website on your extra ip... Use SSL too. SSL requires a dedicated ip unless it is a shared certificate. I would read the Terms of Service on your host's website before running any IRC bot. Chances are, they do not allow any IRC connections nor any background processes.

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    There's a reason that it's not easy to get IPs. it's also going to get harder down the road.

    IP are a finite resource. THey will run out. The dot com boom set a BUNCH of companies to gobble up whole class "A" of ranges and it just isn't as easy as adding them back into the frey

    how finite is it?

    255 to the exponent 4, minus IPs in the 10. and 192. ranges, as well as other private IP ranges and iPs that belong to ISPs for customer use
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