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    POP3 login format.

    I'm using Webmin and Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server.

    Let's say I have a virtual server owned by abc user. I add a new user to this server: contact ([email protected]). POP3 login for this user would be contact-abc. How do I change it to [email protected]?

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    Depends on your auth method. Check the auth default section of dovecot.conf.

    I use a custom passwd-file which has both user and passwd information contained (quite separate from the system's passwd files). The format is documented on the Dovecot site and/or wiki. I don't use PLAIN but as an example the file (which is generated from our custom control panel) has the following format:
    [email protected]:{PLAIN}yabbadabbad00:1200:1200::/home/vmail/domains/
    If you are using ldap or pam or some other method you'll need to consult the docs on that.
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