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    Huge Entertainment Site + Arcade Site (Bonus!)


    I hope you all are fine.

    I'm selling my wonderful that I took care of it really alot, and the winner will a another site (please see below). PR5 with 28,682 BackLinks, you can check it here:


    What I spent on

    - (Very Very large packe): $899
    - Custom great design (PSD) + coded: $300
    - Custom phpBB Skin (PSD) (not coded): $50 (preview:
    - 2 Banners (came with the design): and
    - Few mods and changes for the script/design: $100
    There is a custom mod I paid for it, that will let you add the pictures automatically to the site, and it makes the thumbs itself, after it's done you just need to name the files as you want!
    - Spent about $250 for submission on directories, it has been added to something like 2000+ directories.

    Total is: $1599

    ---------------------------------- is using about 12GB of space and 80GB Bandwidth/month.
    It's hosted on my friend's server, giving me 15GB Space and 150GB Bandwidth for $30/month.



    Usually I pay for advertsing, so the traffic goes to like 3000-4000 uniques/day, but the last 2 months I didnt advertise at all, so the traffic is about 1500-2000 uniques/day (Without advertising).

    Here are the screenshots: (moved to new server) (moved to new server)



    I added the YPN ads since 3/21/2005, it was making huge ammount, but for the last 2 months as I didnt advertise at all, the revenue decrease to something like $400-$600/month (without advertising).

    Here are the screenshots:

    The average revenue of these 7 months and 10 days is something like $1100/month


    You will see now google adsense on the site, I'm using google adsense from 2 days, because the guy who was giving me the YPN channel, is not providing channels any more, and with adsense I'm making like $12/day

    Note: You the winner will get for free, PR3 and Predicted PR5 with 1,878 BackLinks, You will get the GameScript License too, about the games, the old owner an external pack (not from GS), but ofcaurse you will get them.

    No revenue as I didn't add ads (but when I bought it the old owner told me it was making like $300/month on YPN), and about the traffic, I never spent a dollar on this site.

    Here are the screenshots: (Just bought it)



    Starting Bid: $USD 6500
    Bin: $USD 10000

    Buyer pay all fees.

    Payment By PayPal.

    If you have any question, please let me know.

    Take care all and Thank you,

    This sale is posted on other sites.

    I have the right to cancel this sale at any time.

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    Oops, I added the YPN ads since 3/21/2006 not 2005, and I forgot to say that the "Pictures" section on is done, but I didnt add the link to the menu, just because I'm editing the names.

    Link to that section:

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