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    which is faster?

    Can any one please tell me which is faster?

    P4 Dual Core 930 (3.0GHz)
    Intel Pentium 3 HT

    I have Intel Pentium 3 HT. Someone is offereing me a P4 Dual Core 930 (3.0GHz) at the same price. So I want to know is it worth switching to P4 Dual Core 930 (3.0GHz)?

    Both have 1 GB RAM.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I think Dual core means Dual CPU. So I think that dual core must have speed 2 x 3.0 or near that. It is my opinion.

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    The dual core P4 is actually Pentium D and will be much faster!
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    Thanks for your replies. Will Intel Dual Core 920 (2.8Ghz) also be faster than Intel Pentium 3 HT ?

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    yes it is faster than 3 HT because it has dual cpu

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    Well, Dual xeon is fastest when compared to all of the above.

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    IT does appear that generally DUal Core CPU's are very close in performance to that of the same spec Dual Xeon ( e.g. the 905 D at 2.8Ghz will compete with a DUal Xeon 2.8Ghz). Taking the price saving I would go with the Pentium D
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    Which is faster in this group for web server performance:

    (older single core) Xeon 2.8 x2
    Dual Core Xeon 5130 x1
    AMD Althlon x2 3800

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    Woodcrest 5130 is faster in that group!
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    Thank you all.

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    Here is a easy to understand presentation about hyperthreading technology and dual core processors.

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