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    Setting up Virtuozzo firewall


    I have a Virtuozzo-based VPS with cPanel. I want to setup the firewall in Virtuozzo, but am not sure what the best settings are. I want the maximum security possible, of course while allowing all of the services (web, mail, ftp, ssh, cPanel, etc). Is there a good tutorial or something anywhere? Thanks

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    Well there are 2 firewalls which are very popular. APF Firewall and CSF (more recent). CSF is now getting more popular for cPanel based machines and includes VPS support.
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    There is a firewall built into VZPP as well which is what he is referring to. We have had customers report mixed results with the VZPP firewall. I would advise having somebody configure APF or CSF on your VPS instead of using the VZPP firewall.
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    Got CSF installed and all seems well

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