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    So it has been 1.5 years since I got my server from I've been pretty happy with everything. Very little downtime except for a server move.

    Server Specs:
    p4 3.06 /HT
    1GB Ram
    Raid 1 80gig SCSI
    Separate mail server
    Managed DNS w/ Reverse
    Windows 2003 Std.
    u2 Rack Server.

    The server has been awesome. The only issue with the server would be that it is located in Indiana so it isn't in a super awesome location in terms of speed. It does however do everything I need it to do.

    I was told bandwidth usage isn't an issue until I start to use some very large amount. Which is great because most of the time my server is pretty quiet, except for random spikes when I'm testing something. My main use for the server is as a testing environment.

    One problem with the network is that your server is (supposedly) behind a firewall and if you need a port opened so you can access some service you've installed you will have to call, email, or submit a ticket to get that port opened for your box. This can be annoying.

    Now the support has been pretty good. There are three ways to get support, email, tickets, or the phone. Tickets are often slow, email gets lost in the sea from time to time. So I have Eric, the ceo, on my speed dial and if anything goes wrong I instantly call him and it is resolved as fast as possible. Now that being said, it is also one of the faults. The company is small and thus if I had a large site or business running I would probably be more demanding than I am.

    Another issue is that the control panel on the website is pretty bare. Not much you can do from there besides check accounts, and add new ones. Which don't get added instantly, you have to wait for Eric to manually add your accounts to dns.

    Perhaps because I am a developer and not a serious host I get a lesser treatment. But I don't have anything to compare this to. I don't know what should be expected.

    Now northcomp does not do linux hosting. They can setup a linux box for you, but then all forms of support pretty much go out the window. This does not bode well with me, hence my posts lately searching for a new provider.

    Anyway, I would suggest northcomp to any developer who just needs a little server to test on and likes to have a few extras to go with it. If you need anything special Eric is also very keen on getting those for you. He does offer remote backup space as well.

    I would not recommend this host to anyone who is doing serious reseller hosting and needs a ton of speed, because you just aren't going to get it. I think my avg. downloads from my server have been around 500k/s.

    For the price. You get a good server.

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    Thank you for your review.. Please keep us updated in the future.

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