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    MySQL wait_timeout setting

    I've been getting lots of "MySQL server has gone away" error messages from my vBulletin forum recently. At the vBulletin official forums, they said the likely cause was a low MySQL wait_timeout setting. They recommend 28000 and Hostgator has it set to 25. Hostgator support staff said they can't increase it, because my site is on a shared hosting account and lots of bad things could happen to other people's sites. I'd like to know what kinds of problems might occur if the value was raised. Should I go look for another hosting company? I'd appreciate any help on this matter.

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    Please PM me the Ticket ID where the tech told you we cannot raise the wait_timout setting. This is not the case and I would like to make sure that this is fixed for you.

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    Sorry about reviving a VERY old thread, but this problem is identical to what im am having.

    Does anyone know if its still true that host gator can indeed rasie the wait_timeout value? Becasue I got a reply to my ticket saying they cant do it for same reason as orginal poster.

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    Same problem here!!! changed the wait_timeout without notifying us. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why our Magento installation was failing at checkout. I called hostgator and told them we needed the wait_timeout increased, and they did not even tell me that they had just recently changed it.
    Eventually the truth came out, that they just changed wait_timeout and this is what caused all our issues.
    The thing that really upsets me is that they made this change without notifying us. They changed it to 20 seconds. This causes the checkout to fail intermittently.
    After 4 days of this, I finally think they will be changing the wait_timeout to a higher value, which should resolve our issues.
    I am dfeinatley considering moving to a new provider, due to the fact that they caused the problems by that change, and never made us aware of the change until after hours of work and calling them...

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    Host Gator officially sucks! Do not use them!

    1. HostGator changes wait_timeout to 20 on Feb. 1
    2. Our Magento store starts failing for customers after checking out from paypal.
    3. I spend a few hours trying to install fixes, and finally figure out that our wait_timeout is set to 20 seconds, way too low.
    4. I call host gator and ask them to increase the setting, they do not tell me that they recently changed it, even though they sent an internal memo out about this, as we were informed later. THey told me that it can not be changed because we are on a shared hosting environment. But we could move to a VPS or dedicated server, which would raise our cost from about $100 a year to $2400 a year...
    5. We call again and then are made aware that the change to the wait_timeout was recently made, and this is the cause of all our problems. They made this change and did not notify their customers.
    6. So I have been calling them for 4 days, and then finally at 11:30AM a person says they will change the wait_timeout, and that there is a ticket and it is in line to get done, and it should only take a few hours, and they will let me know when it is done.
    7. 12 hours later and no email, no change, so I call, and they basically keep telling me they are working on it. So I ask for a manager. I talk to the manager and he says that no one will be able to do anything till monday, because there are no level 3 techs till monday. And that the guy I spoke to at 11:30AM was mistaken. I asked if there was anyone on call that could make this 1 minute change, and he says he can't do that for me, but he apolpgizes, this call took about an hour. In total I spent probably around 8-10 hours on the phone and now nothing will happen till Monday.

    I decided to just try and move our online store to a different company, one that will really support Magento.

    This is coming from a programmer of 13 years who has dealt with many Hosting companies.

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    I'm really sorry for all of those that this affected. One of our system administrators broke protocol and pushed out the lower wait_timeout without anyones knowledge and or permission. I'm extremely upset about this to say the least!!!

    These settings have been reverted and all parties involved will be severely reprimanded.

    If anyone continues to have issues please pm me immediately. thanks!!

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    Was this resolved?

    I'd like to get a Level 3 VPS and run zencart but I'm very concerned about performance


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    This would have only affected shared and reseller plans, it has been resolved.

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    Thank you for relaying the reason for all the problems, and making that change. I checked our wait_timeout and yes it has been changed from 20 to 600. I thought this would fix it, but we just had the same error, so upon further investigation, I found that connect_timeout is also set to 20 and should be set to at least 120.
    Can you please take care of this immediately, because we are having a sale event that just started, and this is killing our Sales!!!
    Thank you,
    I will try calling too, but that was not very successful last time, we just got the run around.
    Our Server name is: gator1250

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    I just spoke with on the phone.
    They would not change the connect_timeout setting.
    First they told me that connect_timeout was always set to 20
    Then after a little more talking he tells me it was 30 and now is set to 20.
    We were not notified of this change.
    He said they can not change it back to 30, because it is a shared server. Yet they changed down to 20 without letting anyone know...
    So basically they can not help us.
    We are moving to a different company, and I would advise people not to use a company that makes changes that effects sites without notifying their customers.
    Also, they were not willing to correct the problem in order to give us enough time to move to a VPS or Dedicated server.
    So now we have to rush and try and get our site setup on another server. Beware, once a company gets big the service gets very bad!

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