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    Question Authnet users: What "Basic Fraud Settings" do you have enabled?


    I am curious to know what CVV and AVS settings you are using with your billing software.

    ie: If you only use the virtual terminal, this post is NOT for you. I am only interested to know what fraud settings you are using IF you are also using a billing package such as AWBS, ClientExec, WHMAP, ModernBill, Ubersmith, etc..

    If you go into your account, and then click the "Settings" link, what options do you have enabled?

    Security Settings -> Basic Fraud Settings -> Card Code Verification
    Security Settings -> Basic Fraud Settings -> Address Verification Service

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    I don't use AVS or CVV to reject any transactions. They are good tools to help reduce a business' exposure to fraud (and thus potential for chargebacks) but neither is perfect and should not be relied upon for a blanket decline of a transaction. Negative responses need to be weighed against other factors (is the shipping address different from the billing address? If so, how far away is it? Did they pay for overnight shipping? Is it a large order? High ticket item(s)?) If you are unsure of a sale is legit call the customer and ask them to verify the transaction. If you can't get through then you know it's fraud. If they confirm the sale then you can feel good about shipping your product.
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    Stymlee is absolutely right. Unfortunately AVS and CVC/CVV2 checks are not 100% reliable. We had decline cases both on original CVVs and mismatched addresses where system for instance treated Apt # as street number, etc. It's good to use payer authentication services such as Verified by Visa to automatically protect yourself from chargebacks. Remember that only 3D-Secure protects merchant from FFF (Family Friendly Fraud) which NO OTHER fraud scrubbing tool can possibly detect.

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