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    Charge back question. Purchaser credit ratting?

    Hi all I just got scammed by Click & Buy and here is my question:

    If I issue a charge back, does that affect my CC ratting with my bank? Are there any repercussions to me as the purchaser?

    Here is my situation in detail:

    - I purchased a game 1 year ago from a company that used click & buy. That purchase was a 1 time fee to get a key. Keep in mind that this offer was a ONE time purchase (dark & Light is the game).

    - It just so happens that Click & Buy has a feature where sellers can charge one time buyers over and over again unless the buyer revokes the seller. IE the seller could charge your CC to its limit and you can't stop it without issuing a charge back.

    - A few days ago, Click & Buy sent me a notice that I had been charged a monthly subscription fee. Now, I only bought the one time key. I just looked at the game website and they posted that they put all clients on a free 3 month trial and all accounts will be upgraded to a monthly subscription. I didn't see this untill after I got charged since I never actualy played the game or got involded with it.

    So, my main question is that since it is only $9.99 and I stopped them from doing it again, is it worth issuing a charge back? Will it affect my credit ratting? Not as a seller, but as a buyer.. Yes I am in the right but I know banks don't care who is right or wrong. I can't find any info anywhere about this. I just don't want to go after the "bad guy" if it affects my credit.

    Thanks to anyone who knows the consumer side of things!

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    It should not affect your rating. If you only agreed to a one time charge and they charged you more, you have a right to a chargeback.

    Your first re-course though should be to contact the merchant and find out what happened. If they refuse, then contact the issuing bank.

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