View Poll Results: What backup method do you use?

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  • Control Panel Backup to 2nd backup drive

    2 11.11%
  • Control Panel backup to off-site backup server

    2 11.11%
  • Rsync to off-site backup server

    10 55.56%
  • Custom written script to backup off-site/2nd drive

    4 22.22%
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Thread: Backups

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    Lightbulb Backups

    How many of you use the WHM backup option to backup all data to a backup drive on the server? How many use the WHM backup option for off-site backups?
    How many use rsync backups? Custom backup scripts.

    Please vote on the poll and make a nice post with your suggestions and feedbacks on backups.

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    Rsync. Works great, saves bandwidth. But soon we will also be doing control panel backups to a separate server in the same data center (over private network).
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    I rsync to a remote server for all my servers. For the cPanel ones, I have WHM backup to a second disk or directory, then rsync that entire directory off to the backup server. It is not a very fun way to do things (as it takes up a lot more disk space), but it works for the moment. I wish cPanel could integrate rsync into their WHM Backup system.


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    We dump to local disks, rsync to local network storage, then package and move to offsite storage via custom scripts which manage the backup routines, ultimately the file transfers are done via rsync over ssh.

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