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    commit1 servers second day review o_O

    well i ordered tuesday night, got it wednesday night[ it was actually about 18ish hours setup time] i downloaded all my gameserver files configured everything, opened up the needed ports with windows firewall and everything worked perfectly, less lag then the vps i used, and commit1 anthony has been very heplful he mssgs me within 5 minutes on all my messages on aim. i ll be keeping this service for many months to come

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    I would suggest to stay with provider for at least for 6 months before post any kind of "reviews"

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    Thanks for posting your review, update us in a few months

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    I agree, let us know in the future how you feel about commit1. Many companies will do everything possible to impress the customer so that they post a review early...

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    Well, Good to see it worked out for you. Well for me it is becoming a nightmare, I paid $420 for 2 server non has been delivered plus no refund yet.

    They say speak to billing, but billing has not responded its more than 60 hrs now.

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    Dont mind ^ he has been posting a lot of "Stuff" about them lately, I am also a client and I am very glad to hear that you are happy. Please do update us, I would like to see if they treat you as well as me.
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