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    interview with a small orange

    I just noticed that did an interview with the owner of a small orange, its a really good interview. Goes over how he got in the hosting industry, their coming cluster hosting offering, new control panel, overselling, and a lot more....
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    As interviews go, thats pretty interesting. Seems like a nice down to earth guy.
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    I really enjoy reading well put together interviews with people who run any sort of successful business. Good read.
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    "At risk of sounding like a jerk, it’s pretty simple: I don’t want those customers."

    I think that was my favorite quote.

    I've felt for a long time a big problem with the hosting industry is that there are way too many people trying to run companies that think everyone on the internet should be their customer.

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    A really great interview, very interesting. Thanks for sharing =)

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    Decent interview, but you don't win any points by being anti-marketing and then pretending you're better than it. Article would have been so much better without the Grid rant since grid computing is a broad term in styles from "utility" to "managed" computing.

    There is no one catch all solution but a good grid is better than "cluster" if you ask me. Distributed computing on distributed systems where you can manage each service level will smoke a "cluster" of shared resources. (grid computing can be parallel if you make your applications grid aware)

    again, there is never a single solution but decent read

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    Fantastic read. I am glad Tim is actually putting into practice everything I taught him. My mentoring really paid off. (totally false statement)

    However, coming from a customer service background and patient advocacy, it is awesome to see a company put into practice the very core basics of success.

    As Tim stated (sort of) that success shouldn't be judged by the number of clients you have or how wide spread your marketing campaign is, but more so, how satisfied your customers are with the level of service you provide.

    ASO puts into practice a lifestyle I live by:

    If were to get offered a job that pays 4 times as much as I make now but would require my family to move, longer hours, more time spent away on travel, overtime......would it be worth it?

    Much like my family, customers will always come first.

    Da'Gum! Did I get a bit preach'ay dar boys?

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    But with companies like Mosso offering billing, support, and reliable service, it doesn't really seem like a disadvantage to have a middleman.

    I don't get it. Is he saying he's not a middleman? Every host is a middleman.
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    Always had respect for ASO, sending a few sales their way over the years - Keep it up ASO.
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    Respect to ASO as well, although now i own a host myself if i cant accommodate the customers needs i send them to A small orange as i know there sweet and juicy
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