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    * Put Latest Headlines On Your Site allows you to have the latest news headlines appear on your website simply by copy/pasting 1 line of code into your website.

    For anyone who has ever used Adsense you will feel right at home straight away... for those who havent then take a look at the walkthrough.

    First of all you pick the type of news you want to display... anything from music news, motorcycling, computer, IT or even political news - there will be something to match the theme of your website.

    You get to change the look of the headlines to match the layout and colour scheme of your website - this way everything blends in and looks natural.

    The headlines will update every 3 hours to ensure that your visitors dont miss a thing.

    Best of all this service is FREE - you dont even have to register (so no having to leave your details if you dont want to), however there is the option to register as a member.

    Click here to take a look
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    do you insert any of your own ads/advertising in the news feeds?

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