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    restore a backup has been failed

    i have a backup in user names i mean as NameOfUser.tar.gz , this backup was token from server usign a dircetADmin control panel and now it's became in server using a Cpanel control panel .

    when i tried to restore a backup i got this message :
    Sorry, the copy failed. Unable to find the cpanel user file.

    Is the archive missing (cwd: /backup/cpbackup/daily loaded NameOfAcocount/cp/NameOfAcocount)?
    Account Restore Failed...

    the steps i was follow it to restore a backup :

    Restore Backups > Daily > select NameOfUser > Restore Mysql Dbs, Restore Mail config was checked > Start Restor

    thanks advance
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    thanks man

    please can you help me in the command. i was extracted the backup and got much more files.

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