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    Question How to tell if cc number is Visa/MC/AMEX/Diners/Etc..

    Is there any test I can do to determine what "type" a certain card number is?

    I have a card number, but need to know if it's visa or mastercard...

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    Yes. The first digit of each card issuer is different:

    Visa is a 4
    MasterCard is a 5
    American Express is a 3
    Discover Card is 6 (actually 6011)
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    If you google
    "validate credit card" (minus the quotes) it will come back with a ton of info on how to determine card type and vaildate the number given

    Here is the basic info, non-program language specific:
    Dorian George

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    The card number itself comes from ISO 7812 standards. 4 and 5 on a magnetic strip identifies the card as banking and financial and 6 will identify the strip as merchandizing and banking. And three is actually travel and entertainment.

    MasterCard will usually begin with 51-55 with 16 digits.

    Visa credit card numbers will begin with a 4 and have 13 or 16 digits.

    American Express
    American Express will usually begin with a 34 or 37 and have 15 digits.

    Diner's Club
    Diner's Club will usually begin with a 36 or 55. Those beginning with a 36 should have 14 digits will those beginning with 55 will have 16 digits. Keep in mind that in the last quarter of 2004, MasterCard and Diner's club formed an alliance. Cards issued in Canada and the USA start with 55 and are treated as MasterCards worldwide. International cards use the 36 prefix and are treated as mastercards in Canada and the US, but are treated as Diner's Club cards elsewhere. MasterCard Worldwide and Diners Club have entered into an alliance that means more sales and more volume for your business

    Discover Card
    Discover Card card will usually begin with 6011 but possibly 650 and have 16 digits. Check out Standard Security Features Common to Discover Network Issued Credit Cards for more information.

    Also check out this PDF for a bit more information: Card Security Features

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    Great info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Corey Bryant
    Also check out this PDF for a bit more information: Card Security Features
    Fantastic reference! Thanks for this.

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