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    Excellent Sponsorship Opportunity


    We run, what I believe to be the UK's largest hosting directory. The site is quite unique, in that in only provides UK hosts and is well vetted against incorrect additions.

    Currently the site does about 15,000 page views per month with only a little promotion.

    Basically, we are looking for a perl/php programmer that can write a search script for us in return for advertising on the site.

    So, our site is written in a combination of perl and HTML and uses a MySQL database to store the web hosts data.

    We need someone to write a script that can search the database, pick the correct records and display them to the screen.

    The company/person that does this will get a banner on the main Host Search page (in rotation).

    Kind Regards

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    What data will it display?

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    The site contains details of the majority of UK based web hosting companies, including :-

    * contact details
    * hosting packages
    * owner details


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