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    any austrian person can help me?

    I'm in Wien and I need to make a collect call.
    Coud anyone be so kind of tell me how to make it? Is there any multi-language operator or something like that? I do not speak german ...


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    You are looking for a "R Gespräch". However I am not sure if and how this is available in Austria. Where are you calling to? Also, are you using a public phone, a cellphone, your hotel's phone? - Is your site up?
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    Dial the number for your operator (in the United States, this number is "0" - it's most likely different over there). Tell the operator you wish to make a collect call, she'll then ask you for the number.

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    For the lowest rates go to a post office to make your call. Then either dial the operator and ask for R-Gesprach or dial 1616 for long distance assistance. Many of their operators speak english so you should have little trouble.
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