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    Gigalots' BLACK FRIDAY ! Reseller Special 75GB Diskspace/300 GB BW @ $5/mo ! NO JOKE!

    Gigalot Solutions' BLACK FRIDAY is here !

    Save BIG on this once in a lifetime opportunity !!!

    Order BLACK FRIDAY by 11:59 am November 24th and you'll get these features*:

    • 75 GB Diskspace !
    • 300 GB Bandwidth !
    • FREE CPanel XP!

    JUST $5.00 / MONTH !!!

    ATTENTION: We want you're business! Whether your a beginner or advanced reseller, come host with Gigalot Solutions and experience a world of difference! Pay less, Expect more!

    To take advantage of the amazing promotion above, don't forget to order before 11:59 am November 24th and use coupon code : blackfriday at time of order.

    ATTENTION: This promo ends today at 11:59 AM ! The Price will increase to $15/mo after today and will last till the end of November. Order today to take advantage of a $10 discount !

    Included Features

    Premium Bandwidth
    Free Dedicated IP
    Free Cpanel/WHM + Fantastico De Luxe!
    Free 24/7 Helpdesk Support
    PHP 4.4.2
    Zend Optimizer v 1.30
    Perl 5.8.7
    Unlimited MySQL 4.1.19 databases
    Unlimited E-mails
    Unlimited Subdomains
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    Host Unlimited Domains
    Overselling is allowed.
    Much More...

    Other Special Offers

    Gigalots also offers discounted leased modernbill licenses starting from $13.00 /mo !

    More information on our Modernbill Licenses can be found

    Don't forget to add your own RapidSSL certificate from Gigalots starting from $50/year ! We also carry high assurance SSL Certificates issued by GeoTrust.

    More information on our RapidSSL and GeoTrust SSL Certificates can be found .

    A little about who we are and what we do...

    Gigalot Solutions is a Reseller Solutions company which was established in 2006. Its main goal is to provide a better way of hosting and to deliver superior performance to its valued customers in its online community.

    Powered by AMD X2 4200 Dual Core technology, Gigalot Solutions is packing heat, delivering speed and performance at an affordable price.

    With Gigalot's Save the Greens program, you'll be saving big bucks when ordering from Gigalots!

    Gigalot Solutions firmly stands behind its no-hassle cancellation proccess along with a 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Try us for 30 days and if you don't like our service, cancel within 30 days and receive a full refund!

    Don't spend another minute browsing for a better host or deal! Act now! Promotion ends at 11:59 am November 24th, 2006 so follow the below link and order now!

    Order Now

    * Must use coupon at the time of order.

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    Don't forget to use coupon code: blackfriday when ordering to be eligible for the $5/mo pricing!

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    I order and waiting for welcome mail


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    I have also ordered. Just waiting on mail.

    Also, how would I buy private Nameservers?

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    Duality, Please create a ticket in our helpdesk requesting nameservers. We will then go ahead and process your order.

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    Pricing for this special offer is now $15/mo .

    Please Note: Coupon code "blackfriday" is no longer valid.

    Offer ends November 30th, 2006.

    Don't miss out on 75 GB Diskspace/ 300 GB Bandwidth Reseller Solution! Won't be this big for a long time to come!

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    I order and waiting for welcome mail not good


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    I am also still waiting on e-mail.

    Just be patient. ^_^

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    GD2 library is allow?

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    Hello, do you allow adult content?


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    hello i made a sign up 24 hours ago and did not received my welcome mail. Does not look good. I am thinking of asking for a refund already.

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    Yeah, where is my welcome e-mail?

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    long wait.................................

    30 hours ago I bought 2 packages, this Gigalots special for $5/month and a $5/year package (with UmbraHosting) for a test site I want on a different IP.

    The UmbraHosting details came through after a few hours (not surprising considering I live in Japan and ordered in the middle of the US night) but still nothing from Gigalots.

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    Am going for a refund.

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    Same. If he had enough time to post that message about black friday, he should have had enough time to approve my payment.

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    Yes but now will we get our money back. that is the question. I hope so. Even if there is an offer of free months I wont take because the trust is broke on his service.

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    Sorry for the late response to the e-mails addressed. As mentioned in the reply, the support staff was on absence due to holiday weekend. We apologize for any inconveniences.

    Main14, as for your refund request, it has already been taken care of. I will follow up the previous ticket to make sure you can verify the refund.

    As for the login e-mails, our supply of IPs were shorted due to the numerous orders we received. IPs will be delegated to your account as soon as we receive a batch from our datacenter.

    Please address your concerns through our helpdesk for faster response.

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    Sorry, I kind of cancelled the subscription, how do you resubscribe?

    I was in a bad mood today...

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    Alright, could I get a refund? I found something better.


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    My refund done..

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    Glad to hear that.

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    Duality, If you requested a refund, we did not receive a ticket in our billing department.

    As mentioned before, please do not request any services through these forums, but rather direct your issues to our helpdesk.

    All e-mails have been sent out and all requests have been addressed.

    Thank you for your patience.

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    This offer will be available again?

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    This promo may happen again in the near future, but may differ in exact price or exact plan specifications.

    Gigalot Solutions promotes a new deal every other week or so.

    Please check back again for future deals.

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