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Thread: VPS choice

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    Question VPS choice

    I'm looking for a VPS and after a short searching found and as very good alternatives. What do you recommend?

    I haven't found much reviews about EuroVPS. Is there anybody who hosts with them to make a short review?


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    FutureHosting IMO looks good, as well as SolarVPS. Oh another good one to c heck out would be SLHost. I am currently trying to choose from these 3, I will tell you who I choose later today or tomorrow.
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    Yes, FutureHosting looks pretty good! So, my new alternatives are: FutureHosting and EuroVPS. Which one to choose??

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    Which deal at EuroVPS and which deal at FutureHosting are you looking into. FutureHosting has some pretty good deals that are in the vps offers board right now, I am pretty sure it's on the website as well.

    I was interested in this deal:
    - 20 GB Disk Space
    - 250GB bandwidth / 100mbps port
    - Full root access - Install the software you want
    - 3 Dedicated IPs
    - 256MB RAM / 1 GB Burst BONUS: 384MB total guaranteed
    - No Control Panel VPSs: Choice of OS: Debian 3.1, Fedora Core 4/5, CentOs 4
    - Unmanaged $34.95/month - $10/month off for $24.95
    - VPS with cPanel or Plesk & Managed: $39.95 – $5/month off for $34.95
    34.95 per month

    as it looked not bad but decided to change my selection of control panels to directadmin i like it, its simple and lowers the cost of vpses that arent included with cpanel and doesn't use as much resources, something I would want to use on a VPS. so I might get from veggiehost or vpsbyte possibly try them both one as backup to see which one is more stable
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    Download for free my MNwhois.exe (300K) from the Downloads section of my website

    no install is needed. Simply put it in your desktop or in a directory. Click it, type the name of web hosting company you are examining and lookup it: you will know who is its real name and what data center it is using. Note: this .exe is for Windows but it runs fine on all Linux distros if you are using CrossOver.

    then examine the domain name of the web hosting company in order to know all details using this whois source sc

    Now you can compare two hosters and I'm htinking that the best option is the one with the best data center...

    PS: Verify if there are a complete VZPP available (with Maintenance option enabled). Note that some web hosting companies simply does not allow VZPP for VPS, only control panel as plesk, cPanel etc and the user needs request a reboot...example: GoDaddy
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