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    loading screen

    umm for this new website im making i was thinking of putting a RSS feed in to show the latest news. How would i be able to put a 'Content Loading' picture on the bit of the page whilst the rss feed is loading and when it has loaded the 'Content Loading' picture vanishes and is replaced by the RSS feed

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    Hi VDRS Host

    A good way is to place the rss feeds in an iframe and:

    Create a layer with the picture loading.

    <div id="divContentLoading"> your image here or other html content </div>
    On body tag of your html page create an onload handler like

    <body onload="document.getElementById('divContentLoading').style.display='none'">
    Something simple like that!

    And do not forget to add style to the div in order to place it where ever you want in the page (especially the Z-Index must be higher than 1)
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    ah ok thanks so then when the rss feed loads it will display the feed and take out the div

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