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Thread: How to point?

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    How to point?


    I got a situation which needs some help.

    Let's say I bought a domain from namecheap,
    then I point to my primary webhost, NS servers, which is for eg. ,

    then I got myself another webhost which is, now I want to point a subdomain of, which is to

    What should I state for the domain for the 2nd webhost when registering? and how do I point to it? For eg. when the 2nd webhost NS are and

    Thanks in advance

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    You wouldn't need WebHost2's NameServers. You would simply ask your primary host to setup an A record for that points to the IP Address of your other host.

    The downside, if your Primary host's DNS server was down, both sites would appear to be down.
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    I think it's better to use namecheap's DNS.

    You can ask how to do that to your hosts, if you don't understand very well.
    It's not their business to tell you about how to do that, but a very nice host may guide you.

    Otherwise, you can ask questions, here, and I'm sure someone running very nice kind hosting services would help you.

    Basically, you just need to copy the same info as you find in the DNS control panel of Host A to the DNS of namecheap, and add the A record with the IP address of Host B's web server.

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