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    business class email only hosting providers

    I am looking at business class email only hosting providers. The domain will be hosted elsewhere. Typical requirements:
    1. business level email hosting
    2. Minimum 2GB email space (Min. 200MB per mailbox)
    3. Good protection against spam and virus
    4. 10 or more email boxes [email protected]
    5. Good up time, and reliability
    6. Reasonable $5 per month
    7. pop3, IMAP, webmail
    8. Contacts, address book preferred
    9. Should be able to use my own (existing) name servers, and point only mx records to the email server.

    There are a few email hosting providers including Godaddy, Yahoo, Google(beta)etc. that I know of. Any proven email hosting providers that offer good features as mentioned above?


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    I may find myself corrected on this, but 'business class' and '$5' for me is an oxmoron.
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    I agree.

    The 2Gb space will already cost you at least that amount, not forgetting the bandwidth etc etc...

    Increase your budget higher then you might be able to find a "business class" email hosting.

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    I have some clients that use FuseMail and others that use AppRiver, but either solution is more than the $5/month you're looking for.
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