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    Question Is Cpanel Spamming or my NOC?

    Hello all,

    I have had three servers running cpanel for 5 years now. I was sick of the spam and SpamAssassin seemed to all but stop working about a month ago. The load issue with running SpamAssassin also returned.

    I started using AppRiver to see how they would do filtering out the spam. They were trapping 700 to 800 emails a day on my main domain. The way AppRiver works is you point your domain to them and they filter and then send it to your IP so your Cpanel email system works! It does not disable your cpanel email system.

    I than changed to a new less priced system where I opened up an email account on a different NETWORK and their email system came with Spam and Virus protection. I had to change my MX recorded and it 100% disabled the Cpanel email system. Well it was still their but no email was hitting it.

    After I changed over the MX to point to this system and got things running I was shocked after the first week. I was not seeing the amount of spam that was hitting the domain. It went from 700 to 800 a day to about 100. This is not hitting my inbox but the system itself.

    My inbox was so clean I had to send test emails to see if my email system was REALLY WORKING. It was....

    I can not understand this...
    Was Cpanel passing spam to my account using the emails in my account?
    Was the NOC doing the same?

    I have had customers tell me that they have opened up new email accounts that they NEVER used and in days start getting SPAMMED!

    Does any one have a clue why the amount of spam would go away moving my email off Cpanel's exim system or my NOC's network?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Webviper
    Does any one have a clue why the amount of spam would go away moving my email off Cpanel's exim system or my NOC's network?
    Simple, the place you're using is doing some major filtering. I'm wondering what the false positive ratio is.

    As for getting spam on new accounts, that doesn't mean much. Spammers send spam to random addresses all the time and the addresses were probably getting spam before but since they didn't exist it didn't get noticed by anyone.
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