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    Virtuozzo for Gaming

    Has anyone set up a Virtuozzo VPS for some serious gaming? If so, what were there parameters that you ended up using? ie. kmemsize, numproc etc...


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    I don't know anything about that but let me ask you this... Setting up game servers on a vps server, wouldn't that be like poor preformance and most likly lag the server or no? Your saying you can run game servers on a vps server, heck thats amazing? Im listening....

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    Of course you can run a game server of a VPS. That is why he is asking how to provision the VPS so it will perform well as a game server.

    I would post the type of game or games you want your servers to run. Find out what specs the game requires by others that run games servers then make your considerations based upon that.

    You can provision a Virtuozzo server any way that you want to get the performance that you want out of it.

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    Ok, before I wasted hours setting this up, I wanted to check here first. I've done some searching and I've seen a few posts by people saying they get some studdering and lag after they set it up. Then again, they were just the end user of a VPS. I can set it up however it needs.

    If anyone is interested, I'm going to set up a Battlefield 2142 server and I'll post results on what the configuration ends up being.

    Thanks for the reply Shark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tnats
    If anyone is interested, I'm going to set up a Battlefield 2142 server and I'll post results on what the configuration ends up being.
    Yes, please post results. Response time of my Virtuozzo based webserver is excellent and since there is very little overhead in Virtuozzo game server should work just fine... But, I would like to see some real world review .

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    Here is a list of things that you may want to look at since it is BF2142. BF2 would probably be the same.

    One is if you control the hardware node then you can really make changes to make the server run as good as the hardware node can run as a stand alone dedicated.

    If the hardware node is not busy start with using equal share cpu setup. This means that you can have as much as the cpu is availble at any given time. (However if the hardware node is busy and everyone has equal share this could be a down fall for you since you may be in line or just not enough cpu power left)This will mean lag in game.

    So if you control the node start with equal share if you do not try equal share and if is laggy see how many other servers are on the node(may be hard to do) If this is the case try getting allocated cpu time and the more you get the cpu power you will all the time and no one else can have it.

    Now with memory. you will have your Min and Burstable memory.

    Make sure your min is twice as much as what the game states it needs. Then have a high burst setup. The more players join the server the more of the burst you will need.

    Once again if the server is busy you may want to triple the min RAM requirements and get a very high burstable. If the server is not busy than start lower and move up as needed until the server keeps responding well under distress or full player capactiy.

    hope this helps you out a little more with your setup.

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    You'd need a reliable and high performance VPS host to be able to host a game server...but as long as you have guaranteed memory and CPU you should be fine.

    a normal VPS wouldn't be able to handle it because most hosts oversell.

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    Thanks for the great info. I got it bf2 up and running using the default 512MB config from SWsoft.

    Now, I'm going to tackle the new bf2142. Then I'll go out and get some volunteers to beat it up pretty good.

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    Good luck. I am more concerned with connection speeds than CPU lag. The last few VPS's I have got for test and dns backup are just plain awful..8-10hops...the worse ping times I've seen in years. Bad..bad..bad. Good luck, though..and keep us posted. It would be interesting to learn that vps's can be used in this way.

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